Purchasing properties, whether they are for investment purposes or because they are planned to become your new home, carry with them responsibilities and time-consuming landlord duties.


Many landlords take on these duties by themselves, saving them money, yet ridding themselves of time with the added extra of stress. The remaining landlords choose to hire a property manager to ease those worries.


What does a property manager in Coconut Grove, Miami do and is it worth it to hire one? 

Overall, property managers take the property away from the landlord’s worrying mind and take control of the day to day running of the property.

A  property management service will usually offer:

  • Handling the finding and management of new tenants in a rented property
  • Responding to tenant queries and repair requests
  • Hiring of contractors
  • Management of finances (collections/deposits/bill paying)
  • Address legal issues
  • Inspections (3-6 monthly)

The above is the standard list of duties you would come to expect of a property manager based in an estate agency.

Just make sure you have all the information you need before making your decision if and when you will hire a manager. Mia Luxe Property Management in Coconut Grove is an excellent option and we will be more than happy to discuss this topic in detail.

No matter what type of property manager you choose, the benefits of having a team take care of your property, understanding your needs and implementing them can really put your mind at ease. More focus for your family, more focus for your business, and more focus for yourself.